Canadian Blower Bullafo fans and blowers

CBC Blower manufactures fans and blowers that are ideal for moving material through the air stream. Depending on the particle size and density, fans / blowers are used to move materials through a system. Whether it is sticky, heavy, or abrasive air streams, such as coal dust or saw dust, CBC Blower offers fans and blowers to handle the industry material handling needs. Our fans ventialtors can also be constructed using abrasion resistant metals to stand up to even the harshest of industrial environments.

Welcome to CB Ventilator Company

Manufacturer of Axial Fns and Centrifugal FansCB VENTILATOR is a Joint Venture between CB Blower Co., CBC Group and Tenderall Fan Company to get into Industrial Radial Fans and Blowers and Axial Fans market in North America. CB Ventilator aims to serve our Customers from their Requirements analysis, proposal, manufacturing and support throughout the whole product lifecycle including Commissioning, Service, Spare Parts, Refurbishing and Maintenance Training.

CB VENTILATOR combines the strengths of all three principles to develop a full line of Standard Centrifugal Fans and Blowers, Heavy Duty Fans for Cement, Steel, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Power, Chemical, Nuclear and Ship Building Industries and a complete linee of Axial Fans including Jet Fans for tunnels and Underground Car Park Ventilation Fans. CBC and Tenderall combined technology provides to CB Ventilator the best of the American and European Technology available for Fans and Blowers Industry today.



  • Centrifugal fans

  • Axial ventilators

  • Industrial exhaust fans

  • Induced draft blowers

  • Ventilation fans

  • Industrial blowers

  • High pressure centrifugal blowers

  • Heavy duty centrifugal fans

  • Axial fans with adjustable pitch blades

  • Axial belt driven fan, axial jet fans

  • Wall propellr ventilators

CB VENTILATOR COMPANY  is a Joint Venture between CB Fan Co., CBC Group, and Tenderall Fan Company
Canadian Blower industrial blowers, commercial fans, high-temperature industrial blowers, Canadian Blower pressure blowers,  Canadian Blower OEM industrial fans, roof and wall exhausters, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment. Manufacturers of backward curved fans, heat blowers, air fans and air blowers, positive displacement PD blowers, commercial air blowers, drying fans, dry air blowers, heavy duty air ventilators, compressed air blowers, wall / roof mounted fans, forward curved fans, radial blowers, fan blades, plug fans, high pressure fans, fume extractor fans, suction vacuum blower, warehouse fans / ventilators, large industrial fans, large industrial ventilators.
Blowers and fans include several types such as duct fans, roof and ceiling ventilators, wall mounted fans, pressure blowers, and freestanding units with different mounting options. For extreme conditions and plants, drum fans can be used to move even larger amounts of air. These types of fans come with wheels attached and can be rolled to the area that circulation is needed the most. Some manufacturers even sell just the fan heads for a more freedom and a reduced assembly and cost on the company. Suppliers of industrial process blowers, fans and ventilators with a emphasis on high temperature fans, high pressure blowers and explosion proof ventilators, stainless steel and other special materials construction, air-tight and zero leakage seals. Quick delivery from stock of centrifugal radial fans and axial process and OEM fans, blowers and humidifiers.
Canada Blower Company is a Distributor of industrial process and commerical ventilation equipment.  Canada Blower fans are known for the highest industrial duty quality and reliability for many years across North America.
The centrifugal blower has a number of blades mounted around the hub, which turns on a shaft that passes through the housing.

A Centrifugal fan can come in three different types of fan blades. They can come with forward curved blades, backward curved blades and straight radial blades. The type you need will come down to what the conditions are within the area in which you intend to use the device.